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About Janet Wallden

Iam deeply grateful for my esteemed yoga teachers, my Buddhist mother, my personal life experiences and this joyous yoga path.

All of these factors have helped to shape the teacher I have become. I have been passionately committed to the practice and study of various yogic styles since 1995.

I fell into teaching through the encouragement of my friends because I had begun practicing regularly in my home and had been a bit all consumed, as my friends had noticed, they asked if they could join me.

That’s where I first began teaching in 1999, and rented a community room in my building. I loved it immediately… It felt so natural and organic, maybe because my mother and grandmother are both school teachers. I did not know this was going to be my path also, as now I understand this is destiny.

Icompleted my certification in Ashtanga, Iyengar and Philosophy at YogaWorks in Los Angeles in 2001 with Maty Ezraty and Lisa Walford. I have studied with many prominent teachers, including Dona Farhi, Donna Holleman, Erich Schiffmann, Richard Freeman, Shiva Rea, Chris Stein, James Nicholson and Chris Chavez. I am deeply grateful to Gioia Irwin and Vijnana yoga which I feel resonates most purely with my teaching’s and is the definition of what yoga is for me as a student and teacher.

I am tremendously grateful to be a yoga teacher. I am thankful beyond words to be blessed to share with many wonderful student’s over the years. I have made amazing friends, learned so much from my students and fellow teacher’s by sharing with them; the practice, tears and laughter, and humbly honored in sharing heart felt emotional life changing and often trials and tribulations conversations with many on our yoga journey together.

All of these aspects are the essence of my classes. I have been told my classes are unique from beginning to end. I love to play beautiful inspirational music in my classes. Props are everywhere in my classes, the wooden dowel is my favorite yoga accessory, I feel props add more enlightenment and ease to our postures.

I hope that my own personal practice acts as a motivational testimonial to others. Most importantly, I hope to motivate with the emphasis of patience, slowing down, proper, alignment, form and technique, savoring the small sweet details, core understanding through pilates postures. And finally the empowerment of trusting in inner-pace and being right here right now.