• Teaching private yoga sessions are very fulfilling for me. While studio classes are an effective way to learn and start a yoga practice, one on one sessions are customized to the individuals physical and emotional needs.

Private Sessions

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of:

Guiding seasoned students wanting to fine tune their existing practice.

Teaching student’s new to yoga who prefer to learn to do the postures more correctly before joining group classes.

Teaching yoga and meditation technique’s to people in the entertainment industry, who’s busy lifestyle’s can gain more through their private yoga classes one on one attention.

I have taught private and group pregnancy classes to expectant mother’s, and have seen how yoga can enhance both the physical and emotional strains put upon them through each trimester. Doing yoga after giving birth can be an effective, nurturing and gentle way to take care of their bodies changes and mental well being.

I have taught people going through and recovering from cancer treatments. I have seen the benefit yoga and meditation can play through the challenge’s put upon the body and mind through various surgery’s and treatments.

I highly recommend reading and consider incorporating into your health regime the information I’ve provided on the insights page on Infrared therapy and craniosacral therapy treatments, as these combined with a regular yoga practice can improve one’s overall health, central nervous system, well-being and whole bodies balance through life.

I devote my undivided attention to my student’s needs. I also welcome couple’s and small groups. To inquire about the cost of private sessions please contact me for further details.